Hello, we are ActiveSEO Ranking team. Currently we are 4 employees that look on improving their personal and professional competences. We all love our jobs and we are looking forward to help clients improve their website SEO.


  • Harris Von – Founder of Active SEO Services 

Started service with a dream: to grow a quality SEO company that offers quality services for decent prices that everyone can enjoy.

  • Alisha Marshall – Accountant and Human Resources Manager

Joined recently, she’s a great listener and caring person. Her hobbies include reading and night walks.

  • Dmitry Pecherov – Expert Search Engine Optimization Engineer

With over 6 years experience in SEO, owns Bachelor’s in Computer Science, plays a lot of video games and he’s passionate about movies.

  • Anna Belzer – Search Engine Optimization Engineer

Owns a Bachelor’s in Arts, in free time she paints and plays guitar.