You finished building your website and now you’re probably looking on how to get traffic on it. You find out about search engine optimization and see that it’s a good way to increase traffic. So now you’re confused. Should you buy a seo service or not? How much should you spend on it? From where you are going to buy it?

Ok we got some answers. First, don’t rush into it. Ranking in search engines takes a lot of time. You don’t benefit from saving few days rushing on this. We are going to go through some frequently asked questions.

Can i you do SEO yourself?

Sure! I personally recommend that if you have a lot of free time and don’t have much budget. The internet is full of guides about on-page and off-page SEO that you should read. But you should be carefull before you start. You can make mistakes and hurt your search engine ranking.

You should also keep in mind that building backlinks may require budget or collaboration with different websites or bloggers.

How to decide on a SEO company

When deciding on a search engine optimization firm you should pay attention to some details and be direct when asking some very important questions.

Ask them about their results. Ask for proofs. Talk is cheap in this business and only their accomplishments matter. How many clients have they served? Do they have testimonials and reviews from clients?

Don’t be shy and ask about how are they going to prove you that the work was done. You need monthly/weekly reports. Tracking of the ranks of your keywords is also required. You want the final report that includes all the work. SEO marketing is not exact, sometimes you may receive better results, sometimes you may receive bad results. Is not like buying exactly a lb of potatoes from the market.

Discuss about payment planning precisely. How much can you afford to spend on SEO. Do you afford a monthly payments or one time? What they can do for you if choosing a long-time plan? SEO can be expensive and negociating the plan can help you save some money.

What results can you get from an optimizing service

Search engine optimization will try to get you more exposure on engines using different links and social media.

As i said earlier, in the seo industry, you can’t pay for a specific rank or ask for results at a deadline.It just doesn’t work like that. Google algorithms change periodically, updates will come and even if you are on the top right now, you may go down or up.

The algorithms that search engine uses and the updates are very secret. Even if somebody would know exactly the algorithm secret and how to rank, it’s still gonna be difficult, because you need for example ages of creating content.

Usually, a seo company will make sure that your website is indexed correctly. Sometimes the design of your site can affect the SEO and he can’t do anything about it. He will also create new content for your website using the keywords you provide. This way search engine has more data to find on your URL. Is possible that he will also modify existing information from your website, to make it easier for search engines to find it.

A big part a SEO service will focus on is social media marketing. This implies setting up various accounts on different social media sites that link to your website. For example: Youtube videos with your link as description, Facebook shares, Pins from Pinterest and so on.  Social media became a very important factor because search engines know and implemented algorithms for viral social media information.

A smart seo will focus on all possible social media categories, image sharing, video sharing, news sharing etc.


Investing in a seo service can be very benefical for your website, but don’t expect quick or solid results right away. It takes time, usually months of work. Go for a service that offers a cheap and quality package, ask for picture proofs. Ask them anything you want to know, because this is a domain that not many people know about. If you want to learn about search engines this is probably the best information you will find about this subject.