Improving SEO on a website is a very important thing for your marketing. Search Engine Optimization is very powerful and is constantly changing. Takes long practice to learn the best techniques on optimizing websites and many businesses fail and do a lot of mistakes that could be easily avoided. The methods used cannot be tested because SEO is a long time job and is very hard to predict it. Because a lot of people work on this field for ages, we discovered some practices that can benefit your SEO and some that hurt your rankings. Let’s see the five wrongs you should never do on your sites.

1.Copy-paste content, not original

This mistake is related to the content you publish on your website. Please do not copy and paste text on your website, it used to be common a long time ago, but these days engines will detect and penalize you. Plagiarizing is not encouraged. Google will detect your website as spam link. Please take time and create content that’s worth reading, original content, that sends a message. This way you will make sure that your business will not get punished by search engines.

2. Stuffing keywords into your posts

You’re thinking that writing your keyword many times, in almost all your sentences will help your ranking? No, this is not a good idea at all, the search engine algorithms will detect that, note that your website is spamming a keyword and will most likely hurt.

SEO is not about overusing your keyword in your content and will not boost your ranking. Your posts will look fake and useless for the readers. Google, for example, is using a special semantic indexing, named  Latent Semantic Indexing . These algorithms will know the subject of your content without the need to spam your keywords.

3. Missing the Description and Tags

The keywords are not enough for your optimization. There is one more thing you need to do.  The meta descriptions and title tags are very essential aswell. Search engines read these when crawling occurs on your pages, so your ranking may benefit from correctly written tags and descriptions.

One more important fact is also regarding your images. They contain tags and it’s a good thing to not ignore them. They are a sign that show what your images are about. The google ranking algorithms cannot see what the picture is exactly about, it needs details, these details are your tags.

4. Bad Mobile Design and Experience

Search engine ranking is also about the quality of your pages. The performance is a must for the users. All search engines want to see that your website is working well on mobile. The ranking score can depend on this, so please invest in a quality mobile experience. There are tools on the internet that will analyze and detect if your website lacks any kind of performance. Consider investing in a good hosting service aswell, because SERP depends on the time your website loads. Slow loading is a red signal for almost any engine.

5. Wrong Keywords Focusing

Not taking care of keywords is a common mistake. Are you sure that the keywords you selected are good? How customers will search for your product? What keywords can they insert in search engines like Google to find your business? How the users refer to your product is what you need to care about. The terms can be different for other users and should not be generic. Please do a lot of research on keywords because optimization starts. An example of a tool that is very good on keyword targeting is Google Adwords Keyword Planner. Is easy to use, and more important, is a Google product, that contains correct data and suggestions.