Make sure you follow all these Top 5 SEO tips if you want to rank fast and easy!

1.Pick a good keyword and do some research on it!

You can start by picking a phrase or a term you want to post about. After you’ve made a list of those phrases,  Google Keyword Tool  is gonna be your best friend. Go to that website and search for those terms. For example, if im searching for ” wooden doors” , the results will say that there are 10 K – 100 K searches and competitivity is high. After that, you can search yourself on google about that keyword and check the potential competition. What do they sell, what they’ve got, how old is their website and business, what you can do better.

2. Create meaningful and quality content!

You will always hear the phrase “Content is king” and it’s true. always invest time and effort in writing quality content. It is usually the most difficult part, you don’t have to think about spamming your SEO keywords into your articles, make it natural. Every website needs quality content, even if it’s an ecommerce store page or sales page.

3. Your keyword must be in the header and in the title!

Is important that your keyword to be in header and title, but try to make it look natural, don’t force it or spam your keyword 3 times in the title because this is not a good idea. Not only because of search engine optimization reasons, but also because you may have more chances to get clicks on it from the readers. For example, if you’re looking to make an article about “cute dogs”, your title can be: “Pictures of cute dogs” or “How to get cute pictures of your dogs”. Headers are another interesting and important topic, when writing a post, you have the option to make a paragraph as header ( from 1 to 6 ). These headers help Google determining what your website is about. Make sure your keyword is there already once in your headers.

4. You must use your keywords in the URL of the posts!

Google has always considered this tip very important, your blog page URL must be customized with your keywords. This is how search engines knows what your blog is about. After .com termination, the default setting on most wordpress themes is to contain some numbers or letters, you don’t want that. For example here are some variations of your blog URL:


The last URL looks better right? This is what Search Engine Optimization guidelines recommend too, so please be carefull and check your URL names after creating posts if you want to rank up easily.

5. Get backlinks or external links !

We are at the last tip and this one is probably the most important fact you must know when building your website. Backlinks or external links, are hyper-links from different websites from the web that point to you. What is that? Even if your website has quality content and usefull information, this may not be enough, you may contact other websites or blogs to ask them for a link exchange or for a post on their website that will link to you. These are the TOP 5 tips for increasing in SEO ranking that every site owner must care about, by following these, you will already be a step forward on ranking high on search engines like Google