Your website had very good traffic number and even first page ranking. You had a lot of leads and sales because you literally showed up everywhere in Google, Bing and other. But something suddenly changed, now you’re getting less traffic, less leads and when checking up the reports, you can clearly see it. You probably don’t know what to do and what happened. Tried using some SEO report tools but you still don’t figure it out. You’re asking yourself how did that occured and how you can fix the issue and get back to big sales ?

Your rank position can change for a lot of reasons. In some cases, a drop in ranking is temporary and will return to normal because this is how search engine algorithms work sometimes. Sometimes your competition gets in front of you for investing more in SEO. In other cases, it’s your mistake caused by poor seo strategy. We are going to present you 10 reasons that causes your rank to drop.


1.Huge Google, Bing or Yahoo algorithm updates

There are many engineers at search engine companies that are working everyday on improving the searching service. Their code is updated a lot of times, even more than 100 times a year. Some updates are huge, some updates are minor or contain small fixes. Big updates are known by almost every seo specialist and have names like HummingBird or Pengiun. If for example Google recently made a big update and you see a negative change in your rankings, your website probably was not in compliance. You should read the guidelines written by Google engineers for more details.

2. Slow Website Host

Hosting your website is not cheap. Don’t try to go for a company with bad reviews just to save some cash. It’s not worth it. Some of the potential clients don’t have the patience to wait 5 seconds for your page to load. They will leave and you will lose them. Make sure you have a good quality hosting so visitors from almost everywhere can access your website fast.

3. Website relatively new

If recently, you changed the design of your website to a new, better one, is normal for your rankings to go down. Even if you build a link strategy in advance to that, you can’t avoid the decrease in position. Usually it will recover in one to three months. If you’re lucky, it can recover in even two weeks. If the rank is not seeing any positive change after that time, check if the new design is optimized well for search engine optimization.

4. Your keyword analytics are not good

Tracking only the exact keywords, for example: “animal foods” or “seo” is not working anymore. Searching has changed and more users now insert sentences in search boxes because search engines got smarter over the years. If you’re tracking only exact keywords, you should also track long phrases like for example: ” where to buy animal foods “, ” how to do seo “.

5. SEO strategy that hurts your ranking

I heard a lot of stories from companies that paid 10$-50$ for seo services, without asking for any reports and results from other clients.¬† This is a mistake, you’re shooting yourself in the foot. Google and other search engines focus a lot on spamming and low quality links. When an update is done, a lot of bad links are discovered, and the websites that might have benefited from them might get a big hit. These websites can even dissapear from search engine results. Google says if your website is getting bad links, that you can’t even control, clean the unnatural backlinks as soon as possible! One solution to that is to use “disavow backlinks” service.

6. Losing high quality back-links

The drop you’re experiencing, might be caused by losing the links that helped you reach the top of search engines. Maybe those websites went off, or they deleted your link for various reasons. You probably can’t get them back, what you can do is keep building links on other quality websites . Be carefull that many of your backlinks should come natural. How you can do that? You need to create very good quality content, or atleast helpfull content that users will feel the need to share.