What exactly is a backlink in search engine optimization?

A backlink is also called incoming link or inbound link and it’s created when a web page links to a different web page. That like is called a back-link, because it points right back to the page.

Why are these backlinks so usefull?

These outbound links are very important for search engine optimization ranking because they are like a confidence signature from a web page to another. More specifically, these backlinks to the website are like a sign to Google and Bing search engines ( all search engines) that a page vouches for your content quality. If there are a lot of pages that link to a specific page, the search engines will know that there is important content that may deserve ranking up. These backlinks are what you need to rank best. There are a lot of SEO services that do that. We recommend you to consult one if you’re not experienced enough to get those backlinks yourself.

Exchanging backlinks

These backlinks are very important, as i said, for off-page SEO. This process can be very time consuming and getting a lot of these links is usually called link building.

All backlinks are different, some are worth more than the other. Backlinks from popular and well known websites. For example: New York Times website or YahooNews.com are very valuable and backlinks from new websites or shady websites are usually low quality, that do not make huge impact. Just as the backlinks have a better quality than others, links created from a webpage to another also have different value. If you link to a web-site, a big difference makes from what page you linked (page authority).

Tracking competition’s search engine marketing value

Backlinks are sometimes expensive and budget-consuming. New sites will always have problems in finding good back-links to improve their search engine ranking. These people may find usefull to research about competitors backlinks profile. If you analyze their search engine optimization you will find from where they have out bound links and try to learn from their footprints. There are tools on the internet like Open Site Explorer that will help you find out the links and target them for your own website.


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What you should remember about ranking using backlinks

You know now what backlinks are and how they help you. Always keep in mind that these links are very powerfull when they come from reliable and trurt-worthy sources. But can be even damaging for your search engine optimization ranking if they come from black-listed sources. Be carefull on what seo services you buy or on what links you do your link-building on. You should also know that investing in SEO is usually a much better choice than on advertisements. Spending on advertising requires constant top-up of your ads account. Building search engine optimization ranking will require investment rarely. My advice, if you really have time to learn about seo, you should do it, is a lot of interesting stuff and you will develop your knowledge a lot. But if you are a busy person, just buy a seo plan and you don’t have to waste much time.