Search engine optimization is often underlooked and devalued by many businesses and this is a big mistake. SEO is a very important part of any business. That will generate a lot of leads and new customers and of course, new sources of profits. A lot of studies shown that investing in SEO is very profitable for almost any kind of business. It’s not magic, it’s just incredibily good.

why seo is important

Why SEO marketing is important for Branding

When users of search engines are looking for the product that you sell. You want to be on the top of ranking because you want that traffic. You need to be in top 10 because these are the websites that users click on. This is how they will discover and remember your brand. Big corporations spend tons of money on that, because it’s a very smart move. More than 90% of the Google users don’t even go on the second page. They usually pick websites and make purchases from the websites that are on the first page.

Traffic and more leads with SEO

As i mentioned earlier, users usually click only on websites from first page, there goes most of the traffic. Traffic alone is not going to make you a lot of money (unless you’re using adversiting like AdSense). But you need to be in the “center of attention”, this is how everyone is gonna recognize you and will know about your service. This means there are more chances that people will buy your product, because they feel comfortable with your brand. SEO can be considered more important than advertising because if you invest in it enough, you will be on top forever, you don’t have to pay for every click or impression like you get taxed from advertisement companies.

SEO will get you more insight about your traffic and leads

With the traffic you receive from search engines, you will be able to analyze those possible customers, track them: see what they search, where do they come from ( country, region), when they click your website and so on. You can benefit from having these informations because you will market your brand according to these analytics and will keep you very informed about decisions and strategies. Also if you’re having a offline business connected to the online business, you can make customizations on it according to online analytics.